Virginia Flue Cured


Dating back to the civil war, Virginia flue cured tobacco has been one of the most loved forms of prepared tobacco all around the world! Now, you can get the exciting, sweet taste of Virginia flue cured tobacco with our E-Liquid of the same name. Not only is our E-Liquid made right here in the United States, just like traditional tobacco, it's nearly identical in taste and aroma!

If you're worried about sacrificing the authentic taste of traditional Virginia flue cured tobacco when switching to an electronic cigarette, you can put your fears to rest! Simply order a bottle of our Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco E-Liquid and enjoy one of the best vapes you'll ever have. Trust us, there are other varieties of Virginia flue cured E-Liquid out there, but none of them come close to the pure, classic taste of this one. Try a bottle today and see for yourself!