But, when the weather grows cold and watermelon season is over, it can leave people craving that delicious taste that they've come to love so much. We are here to make sure that you're never without a tasty watermelon treat, which is why we've crafted our delightful watermelon E-Liquid flavor to complement the real thing!

This flavor is bountiful in taste, smooth when it comes to throat hit and vapor and leaves a lingering scent that you can bask in all day long. You'll swear that you're munching on a real watermelon when you inhale this exceptional flavor, simply because it's so juicy and sweet! Bump up the nicotine level for a bit of a bite or keep it low and enjoy the smooth taste of our watermelon E-Liquid as it was made to be: ripe, delightful and deliciously irresistible.