SMOK ROLO Badge Replacement Pods - 3 Pack


Replacement Pods for the Rolo Badge Plating, Rubber Pain, Rasta and Multi-Color Version. The air-driven pod allows for easy and convenient start-up. When inhaled, Rolo Badge can be automatically started, producing massive clouds. This operation is as simple and pure as the original experience. Discover more fun with Rolo Badge from every single puff!

CONVENIENT E-LIQUID FILLING DESIGN - There are two filling slots on the pod, which is convenient for e-liquid filling without any leakage worries. It also helps to avoid the trouble of constantly changing pods.

HOW TO FILL - Do not inhale immediately after filling the pod! Let the whole kit stand for 2-3 minutes to get its organic cotton completely saturated.

E-Liquid Capacity: 2 ml